The Capulet Ball

Love is in the air at this performance-infused 21 and Over party, an elaborate prelude to upcoming Romeo & Juliet performances at Petaluma Adobe SHP and Villa Montalvo. We Players will transform four stunning venues throughout the greater Bay Area this spring. Don a mask, brush shoulders with Capulet nobility, enjoy fantastic music, food and drink – perhaps even dance with your favorite character!

Click any venue to learn more about its Capulet Ball

Saturday May 7th, 7-10pm
San Francisco ($100)

Party with the Capulets in the dark wood embrace of St. Mary’s 125-year-old church and airy spaciousness of the brick-laid courtyard.

Saturday May 14th, 7:30-10:30pm
San Anselmo ($115)

The Capulet Ball in San Anselmo

This sleek modern villa is a bridge spanning a seasonal creek, with acres of protected lands stretching into the hills beyond. Party en masque in this incredible home and dance with the lovers under the stars.

Saturday June 4th, 8-11pm
Oakland ($75)

The Capulet Ball at Impact Hub Oakland

Our most urban venue for this thrilling masquerade! Hop on BART and jaunt a few blocks up bustling Broadway in vital Uptown Oakland to the spacious dance floor at Impact Hub.

Saturday June 18th, 6:30-11pm
Calistoga ($150)

The Capulet Ball at Castello di Amorosa

Cross the drawbridge to this real Tuscan-inspired castle for an elegant wine reception and a seated dinner. Dance amidst the stunning frescoes of the Great Hall and witness the lovers profess their bliss in the covered loggia.

Four dates. Four distinct venues. Love is in the air this spring!

Learn more- see our Capulet Ball FAQ

Gala 2014

An evening to remember…

Thank you all who attended our April 5th dinner theater fundraiser!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating and supporting We Players’ mission of connecting people with place through site-integrated theatre.

We’ve heard from many of you longtime friends that our 5th Annual Gala was the best yet. The food was delicious, the flow of the evening seamless, our table captains blended challenge with humor, and Hermes took our breath away descending from the heavens.

Mark & Tracy captured some of the nights revels in our costume photo booth!

We both had a lot of fun, too!

You can continue to help We Players by spreading the word and encouraging your friends to join you at Macbeth at Fort Point this June.

Thanks again for a truly magical evening!
–Lauren D. Chavez and Ava Roy

Gala 2013

Gala 2012

Gala 2011

A feast to remember…


Thank you all who attended our March 4th dinner theater fundraiser!

What a great gathering of old friends and new. It’s always a joy for We Players to host our supporters, share performance sequences, offer appreciation for our collaborators, and share our excitement for projects on the horizon. This year was extra special for us; thank you for sharing the evening as We Players marches forth into our second decade.

Tremendous gratitude for the skill and generosity of our head chef, Paul Plotkin (Herb’n Palate)I don’t know how you do it, Pauly, but your food is spectacular.  Thank you for donating your time for the second year in a row.

Thanks to Jane Hammond Events for allowing us to borrow all those place settings, vases, bread baskets… the scene was elegant.

And thanks to Small Potatoes Catering & Events for letting us use their kitchen and borrow all sorts of kitchen essentials for the evening.

The Great Feast of March Fourth

Join We Players as we MARCH FORTH

into a new decade of site-specific performance adventures!We Players annual Dinner Theater Fundraiser
Friday, March 4th, 2011Let us tantalize your taste buds with five courses of delicious local fare, while you enjoy performance sequences, live jazz, an open bar, a silent auction, and the unveiling of exciting performance plans for 2011 and beyond.Garden opens at 6:45; doors open at 7; dinner at 7:30.

eat cake and read hamlet

heyden sailing scale

April 23, 2010

William S. turns 446.
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark turns 387.
Join WE for a read through of HAMLET.
Friday 4.23
at OCSC (sailing school)
1 Spinnaker Way, Berkeley
We’ll read from the current working-cut. Help shape the final version, for performance on The Rock.
Various people will read various parts
(rsvp if you’d like a scene assignment)
it will be a working session
with birthday cake !

On the Menu

At last…here are some of your comments from the February Feast

(and thank you for the lovely pictures on your envelopes too!)

“I noticed that Hamlet called Denmark a prison…You probably noticed this.”

We thought there was some kind of connection in there! 😉

“Invite ex-prisoners to come see the show” / “Will (former) prisoners be able to participate in the production?”

Yes! In fact we are exploring a number of ways for prisoners to be involved in this work. Including incorporating their poetry and artwork, and inviting some former prisoners to be involved as crew and performers.


“Local schools would love to see the energy of We Players!” / “Get local schools to come on field trip?”

We agree. Our thanks to Michele Haner, who will arrange for Ava to visit the French-American International High School and lead a discussion about site-specific theater, and using theater as a tool for social action. We plan to arrange student internships for the summer rehearsal and production period. We are hoping to team up with other teachers and existing outreach programs to incorporate work with at-risk youth.

Please let us know if there’s a teacher you think we should talk to!

“A haiku for We:

You are amazing

Your manifested beauty’s

Magnified by love

Keep it up.”

Thank you. We are buoyed up and strengthened by your support!

“How long by homing pigeon flight is a trip from Alcatraz to San Quentin?”

Very good question. Please let us know the answer. Although it may be more relevant to ask this of cormorants, gulls, egrets…other bird species that make their seasonal nesting home on Alcatraz.

“How are the prisons related?”

Amazing how few people are asking that question. Thank you. We will provide information through the project, and infuse our work on site with current stories and statistics to help make the connection between the two.

“Can we watch the play from a boat?”

Do you think we would leave out any detail?

“Will you reinstate the Alcatraz garden?”

Please check out:

The volunteer garden crew on the Rock is amazing. They are restoring the gardens throughout the island.

In November we ate figs from the trees as part of our harvest / fire ceremony.

“What prisoners were sent to Alcatraz and why?”

The so called “worst of the worst”. That is, if you went to prison, but then got in trouble there you could be sent to Alcatraz. Very few prisoners were sent to Alcatraz directly. It was, “reserved for those desperate and irredeemable types”.


“The insane are often incarcerated. Is Hamlet insane? Depressed? What about Ophelia? I’m excited to find out.”

Me too.

“Put Hamlet/We player info on the Alcatraz/Park Service website (including background on Shakespeare and the play itself)”
Despite our partnership with the park, we are running into fields of red tape on this one.

Please consider sending this request to the Park Service!

A story from Stanley Williams who was executed at San Quentin in 2006: A friend snuck a rose petal in to him on a visit to death row. Stanley took it from her, held it in his palm for a minute, then put it in his mouth…and swallowed it. He told her he though it might be his last and only chance to connect with the natural world and he wanted to experience it fully.

How can I support you without giving money? / I would like to be of service, even if I can’t give money.

There are so many aspects to this project. We welcome your support, your talents, your thoughts, your questions. Please write to and tell us what you’re interested in, what aspects of the project ignite you, and we will find a fit. YES. We want your help.

Can we tie race into the picture?

Yes please. This begs a longer response…perhaps a blog post unto itself…

More opportunities like this for fans and supporters to get together and get to know We Players better. Doesn’t have to be as lush as this one, even a pot-luck would do.

Salons / work-in-progress / conversations this spring. Stay tuned here.

I’ve left out most of the general praise and support of we comments – though we thank you truly – oh but here are a few anyway…

Take good care of yourselves throughout this process and KNOW that you are serving this community in a profound way.

I can’t wait to see the show! Your company is singular in making these spaces available through a trans-historical yet extremely current performance tradition. Bravo!

This has been magical.

I’ve never attended an event such as this. I have nothing to add or change.

join us at the feast!

HouseofWIll 1

“That when I waked, I cried to dream again…”


Don’t let tomorrow night, THURSDAY February 4th, pass you by!
seriously incredible food and so much heart and spirit poured into every drop and morsel
donations from organic farmers across the land
cases of wine sitting in my living room, waiting for you
hilarious performers lie in wait
music and merriment
WE and YOU
help us manifest this crazy Alcatraz adventure
WE can’t do it without YOU…
shall we dare to dream this dream?
you tell us.

draft menu for 2.4.10

the months of preparation are coming together!  I had a lovely time visiting our kind farmer-donors once again this morning, sampling the fruits of the season (California is amazing), and calculating bulk quantities with our fabulous head chef, Pauly Plotkin (herb’n palate supper club).  Maybe I can entice those of you who are on the fence about attending our 2.4 dinner theater fund raiser with a rough sketch of the menu:

Antipasti marinated mushrooms, roasted red and yellow peppers, olives, cheeses, etc.
Potato Soup with wild-harvested mushrooms (thanks Pauly!)
Rabbit and Rooster or Vegetable Ragout with creamy polenta and side vegetable
Salad with blood oranges and candied walnuts
Apple Cake
homemade Pistelles with candy-cap mushroom dust (tastes like maple sugar!)

visit the link in the left column to buy your tickets!  see you there!  We look forward to pleasing your pallets!