Uncharted Formations

ANGEL-ISLAND-EXHIBITION-UNCHARTED-463x600Throughout 2012, We Players’ explored themes found throughout the history of Angel Island, namely journeying, war, homecoming and refuge, and presented a series of art, education and community engagement programs to stimulate discussion around these themes.

Graduate student final projects
California College of the Arts – Engage program
Angel Island and the Gate Keeping Nation
Autumn 2012 course taught by Aaron Gach and Patrick Gillespie

Exhibiting Artists:
Regina Acebo
Ebun Alugbin
Julie Feldman
Susan L. Lin
Robert Gome
Neil Rivas (clavo)

EXHIBITION EXTENDED through spring 2013

This graduate class marks an unprecedented collaboration between We Players (an arts non-profit), California College for the Arts (a for-profit institute for higher education), and a California State Parks site.

The class explored “island-ness” in relation to historical narratives, works of fiction, current politics, and contemporary artworks. Angel Island served both as a physical and a theoretical site of investigation for the seminar. Additionally, seminar discussions engaged a range of island discourses through readings, screenings, and presentations by community members and guest artists.

Students were granted unique access to Angel Island for conducting their own research and site investigations. The class culminated in a closing exhibition comprised of student projects that respond directly to Angel Island as a historical site, and/or to “islandness” as a concept with multiple trends through culture, literature, art, and history.

How We Leave and Return:  Intersections of Art and History

How We Leave and Return: a site-specific exhibition of visual art on Angel Island.

Seven Bay Area artists were invited to explore Angel Island’s history, architecture, and landscape, and compose the island’s historic narratives into contemporary modes of visual art.  Some of the works brought the collective experience of island to bear, while others revealed how a contemporary public commodifies historic space, examining the narrative position of the human in relationship to nature, and commenting on current trending of the past through re-imagined utilitarian and ritual practices.  The exhibit asked the audience to consider the cyclical nature of mythic and human history, marking that it often repeats itself, and presents ideas as to how a society copes with it’s legacy of ideologies, ontological positions, and cultural practices.

Curated by Visual Arts Director Patrick Gillespie

Exhibiting Artists:

James Bradley
Torreya Cummings
Lauren Dietrech-Chavez
Julia Goodman
Matt Gordon
Justin Hurty
Brandon Olsen
Imin Yeh

……….Location: Angel Island State Park
……….Dates: April 28 – July 1, 2012

How We Leave and Return was part of the We Players Visual Arts Program during it’s 2012 residency on Angel Island.

Angel Island State Park

Odysseus & Angel Island:  Angel Island is something of a foreign land in the midst of busy daily lives for most Bay Area residents. Situated at the center of a dense urban environment, the quiet hills of Angel Island hold mysteries for its visitors to discover and explore. This element of exploration is central to The Odyssey – in fact, our modern English word odyssey, defined as a “long series of travels and adventures”, comes straight from Odysseus himself and his famous heroic adventures. It is a story of a great and complicated journey, the search for self, the discovery of other worlds and people, and the ultimate return to one’s home. The very climate and natural environment of Angel Island resembles the Mediterranean climate of Odysseus’s world; the island supports the same kind of vegetation as the rocky hills of Odysseus’ home of Ithaka. Many of Odysseus’ travels involve navigating the ‘wine-dark sea’ to arrive on island shores. Audiences hailing from the surrounding Bay Area counties will experience a similar journey, as they board ferries from Tiburon or San Francisco, sail, motor, or paddle to make their quest to the not-so-distant and yet far away land of Angel Island.

To learn more about the island visit: 


We Players is proud to partner with these two organizations in 2012!

Click here for a brief history lesson and map of the island!

Prepare – The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park


Information to equip you for your journey on Angel Island… 


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Please plan to bring or wear the following on your voyage:
* sun hat/ protective clothing/ sun screen/ sunglasses
* comfortable walking shoes
* layers for changing weather conditions
* a water bottle
* lunch (OR choose not to purchase a wrap from The Cove Cafe, see below)
* a pen or pencil
* a comfortable backpack or shoulder bag to hold all of the above

Although there are opportunities to partake of food and drink throughout the performance, we recommend that everyone bring a bag lunch, or purchase a sandwich from The Cove Cafe.  There is no scheduled lunch break; please bring food that you can easily access and eat during the performance. 


At the provisions link above, you may also purchase a limited edition We Players program, or t-shirt or tote bag with the season compass rose logo.


Registration details depend on your travel plans.  Please read below for the details appropriate to your city of departure.

General Admission

If you purchased a performance ticket without ferry passage, please be sure to visit our registration tables near the ferry landing in Ayala Cove before 10:20am.

**Guests traveling from Oakland/ Alameda – we were unable to make special arrangements for the Oakland/ Alameda – Angel Island ferry due to schedules (the boat departs the island before our performance ends!). However, you may purchase a general admission ticket to the show here, and purchase your own Oakland/ Alameda – Angel Island ferry ticket from Blue & Gold Fleet on the day of the show.  The ferry stops in San Francisco, and you’ll arrive and depart Angel Island with our other San Francisco guests.  Once you get to Pier 41 or the Ferry Building, you’ll need to transfer to an Oakland-Alameda ferry.  Your round trip ticket is good to get you home on any of the remaining boats that evening.

San Francisco

San Francisco registration for The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park is at Bay Crossings in the the San Francisco Ferry Building.

The Ferry Building is located on San Francisco’s eastern waterfront, where Market Street meets The Embarcadero.

Click here for public transit routes and options.

Bay Crossings is located in Marketplace Shop #22, on the west side of the market hall, just south of the main/ center doors of the ferry building.

Look for The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park sign in chalk, and a We Players staff member in a beige t-shirt with a blue compass rose logo on the chest.

Tickets will be available for pickup starting at 8:20am.


The Blue & Gold Fleet ferry departs at 9:20am. 

ALL RESERVATIONS ARE WILL CALL.  No need to print your confirmation email.

When you check in, We Players staff will give you a sticker (your pass to access all aspects of the performance; please place prominently) and paper ferry tickets (give one to the ferry staff when you board en route to Angel Island, and the other when you off board back in San Francisco).

If you purchased provisions, placed a reservation for mobility assistance, have any questions, or would like to purchase a limited edition program, t-shirt, or tote bag, please proceed to on-island registration upon arrival to Ayala Cove.

After the performance, you will catch the 4:30pm Blue & Gold Fleet ferry from Ayala Cove.  You may disembark at either Pier 41 (5:30pm arrival) or the Ferry Building (6:00pm arrival).


Tiburon registration is at the Tiburon ferry landing.

The Tiburon Ferry landing is located behind 21 Main Street, Tiburon, CA 94920.

Marin Transit Bus 19 serves Tiburon on a regular morning and afternoon schedule on weekends.

Parking in Tiburon is limited and expensive.  We recommend the lots behind the Bank of America (enter from Beach St., just north of Tiburon Blvd) or Chase Bank (enter from Tiburon Blvd., west of Beach St.), both of which cost $5/day.

Look for a large red We Players flag, and our staff in a beige t-shirt with blue compass rose logo on the chest, standing near a large sandwich board with The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park sign.  

You may check in at the Tiburon ferry landing starting at 9:15am.


The Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry departs at 10:00am.  

ALL RESERVATIONS ARE WILL CALL.  No need to print your confirmation email.

When you initially check in, We Players staff will give you a sticker (your ticket for ferry passage to Angel Island, and access to all aspects of the performance; please place prominently on your left chest).  When you return to the check in area prior to boarding, you will hear important announcements and receive paper tickets for your return ferry passage (you will give this ticket to Angel Island-Tiburon ferry staff when you board in Ayala Cove for your return trip to the mainland).

After the performance, you may catch either the 4:20pm or the 5:20pm Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry from Ayala Cove to Tiburon (4:40 / 5:40pm arrival).

If you purchased provisions, placed a reservation for mobility assistance, have any questions, or would like to purchase a limited edition program, t-shirt, or tote bag, please proceed to on-island registration upon arrival to Ayala Cove.


We encourage you to engage with The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park using all your senses, interacting with our performers as invited, and interacting with one another.

For those of you who use digital tools – please feel free to photograph, Tweet, Facebook, and Yelp us.  We ask that you avoid posting video of the performers, and credit them and We Players if you post photographs online.

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We Players performs in all weather unless there is a safety concern.  If there is any chance of inclement weather please dress accordingly, so you may remain comfortable while wandering outdoors for most of the day.  In the off chance that there is a cancellation, we will leave a message stating so on the voicemail greeting at 415-547-0189.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at reservations@weplayers.org or 415-547-0189.



An Island Wide Adventure

We Players to stage The Odyssey on Angel Island!

We Players’ adaptation of The Odyssey will unfold across Angel Island State Park as an all-day adventure through the hills, historic buildings, cement bunkers and natural environs of Angel Island, surrounded by stunning views across the San Francisco Bay. Each scene of The Odyssey will be informed by the energy and history of its location. Our performance invites audiences to embark on a voyage around Angel Island, and we trust that, like Odysseus, all will be transformed by the journey itself.