FAQ – The Capulet Ball

What to Wear?

Do I have to wear a costume?
Guests can wear any party attire. Whatever you choose- that dress that’s been hanging in the closet for the ‘right night,’ the outfit you wore to the last Edwardian Ball, or your favorite all-in-black look – you will be transformed once you put on your mask.
That said, if you want to really party like it’s 1499, go ahead and create your best late Italian Renaissance look!

Do I have to wear a mask? Bring my own mask?
Bring your own Venetian mask or borrow a beautiful mask from our stash, available at the beginning of the night. Prefer the delicate touch? Line up for a face painted mask at registration and rock the musician look.
As ever, you choose your level of participation – and in this case, degree of concealment. We encourage mask wearing throughout the evening, but we leave the final call to you…

I love costumes. Is there such a thing as going overboard?
Does We Players build large-scale immersive events or what? In full We Players’ style, we would love to see your creativity at work. Your costume design will elevate the festive nature of this event. Impress the noble Capulets with your flair and finesse!

Do I get to keep my mask?
Guests of the Capulet Ball are invited to keep their masks or choose to leave them behind for the next party-goer.

Spirit, body and soul

Do I have to dance?
No dance floor garden is complete without wallflowers. Join (or bring) a crowd that suits you. Our party includes characters of all temperaments. Dance with Lady Capulet or scheme in the corner with Tybalt. Burn the soles off your dancing shoes or sit and savor inspiring conversation. You’ll find plenty to delight and enchant any inclination.

Will there be something to eat?
Food and drink is included with all our tickets. Most locations will offer an array of hor d’oeuvres and selections of local beer and wine. At Castello di Amorosa, enjoy a wine tasting reception and a family-style seated dinner paired with the Castle’s fine wines.

Can I bring my kid?
This is a 21+ event. Bring your twenty-somethings and perhaps they’ll share the latest dance styles with the Capulet elders! Exceptions can be made for teenagers with parental supervision throughout the evening. Contact info@weplayers.org if you have further questions about this.

Is this good for a first date?
Why chose a boring ‘ole restaurant or museum when you can do THIS. No shortage of conversation topics or inspiring activities here!

Location, Location, Location

Which location is in a real castle, complete with a Tuscan-inspired drawbridge and frescos?
Don’t miss our most opulent Capulet Ball at Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga on June 18th. This is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Which location is in a sacred 125-year old wooden structure?
St. Mary’s church in San Francisco has just the right amount of airy spaciousness and dark wood embrace to make for a captivating and mysterious evening. Buy tickets for this, our very first Capulet Ball on May 7th.

In which location can you hear a running creek and literally dance under the stars?
A private residence in the hills of Sleepy Hollow offers up a sleek modern villa on the evening of May 14th, complete with stunning indoor and outdoor environs.

Which location oozes creative, co-working, game-changer lifestyles? Maybe it’s close enough to a station that I can BART home?
Our most urban venue for this thrilling masquerade! Take BART to 19th Street station and jaunt a few blocks up bustling Broadway in vital Uptown Oakland to the spacious dance floor at Impact Hub on June 4th.