An interactive journey through Wonderland. An arrangement based on the classic texts of Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

“Come to my arms my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!”

JABBERWOCKY by Lewis Carroll

Arranged and Directed by Ava Roy

Production Credits

The Judge: Maggie Blake
The Bailiff: Tony DeLisi
White Knight: Jonathan Fetter-Vorm
Tweedle Dee: Steve Gelber
Tweedle Dum: Jillian Gerner
Alice: Jonatha Giddens
Red Queen: Jessica Joffe
Dormouse: David Martinez
March Hare: Meghan Dunn
Mad Hatter: Brian B Jones
White Queen: Teresa Kelly
Red King: Bob Lane
Humpty Dumpty: Colin Ritter
Cheshire Cat: Ava Roy
Mock Turtle: David Siegel
White King: Doug Wilde
The Cooks: Valentina Cabrera, Lauren Dietrich, Sarah Rich
The Jabberwocky: Abby Hall, Ivy Lin, Laura McVittie Philip Salata, Arden Thomas, Naomi Ullian, Sevgi Yuksel

Director/ Producer: Ava Roy
Costumes & Properties: Ava Roy
Musicians: Ian Campbell Jones, Denali Degraf, David Siegel 

……….Location: Stanford Mausoleum
……….Dates: Spring, 2003