House of Will

Presented from the windows, doorways, balconies and rooftop of a four-story house in Stanford, CA. While seated in an outdoor art gallery and serenaded by minstrels, the audience feasted on fine food and Shakespearean verse.

“Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all!”

HOUSE OF WILL by William Shakespeare

Production Credits

Performers: Maggie Blake, Denali DeGraf, Meghan Dunn, Steve Gelber, Jillian Gerner, Abby Hall, Nathan Harper, Teresa Kelly, Jesse Patel, Colin Ritter, Ava Roy, Doug Wilde

Director/Producer: Ava Roy
Costumes & Properties: Ava Roy
Musicians: Denali DeGraf, Meghan Dunn

……….Location: Chi Theta Chi House, Stanford University
……….Dates: Spring, 2004