Who We Are

Company Directors

Ava Roy (Artistic Director), Lauren D. Chavez (Managing Director)

WeProTeam2015 965px

We’s 2015 Production Team

Patrick Gillespie (Visual Arts Director), Lauren D. Chavez (Managing Director), Ava Roy (Artistic Director), Charlie Gurke (Music Director), Lauren Matley (House Manager), Stacy Davis (Office Manager)Jackie Goneconti Gibbons (Communications Manager)

Our Collaborators

Our creative collective changes with each project. We Players’ focus on the history and themes relevant to a site attracts performers and project collaborators with specific interests and skills. We are so thankful to explore our local treasures with all of you! Collaborator bios can be found under each of our project pages. If you’d like to play with WE, learn how you can get involved with our current projects.


2016 Board of Directors

Drew Baglino (Treasurer), Lauren D. Chavez, Rick Holden, Susan Miller-Davis, Lisa Nash, Jennifer Niedermeyer, Andy Popell (President), Ava Roy, Dana Taylor (Secretary), Kathleen Taylor (Vice President)

Not pictured: Susan Miller-Davis, Lisa Nash, Jennifer Neidermeyer