Aesthetic Education

We Players embraces imagination as our greatest asset and play as the key to life-long learning.

Playing our part in training the innovative problem solvers of tomorrow, We Players’ Aesthetic Education Programs (AEP) inspire full-sensory awareness, honest and eloquent communication, and healthy, collaborative relationships.

In fall 2013 we piloted our 90 minute introductory AEP workshop in 7 classrooms, across three counties. We emphasized building partnerships with teachers; all those who participated last year are eager to continue working with We. In 2014-15 we will expand our programming to bring introductory AEP workshops to a greater number of Bay Area high schools and community groups. We will also call together youth participants for more extensive workshops in our project sites.

If you are an educator who would like to collaborate, please contact us

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Our youth are inheriting a world riddled with complex challenges to health and happiness for humans, all species, and the earth herself. Many people are woefully disconnected from nature, one another, and their own feelings. To address the many legacy issues facing the planet today, it is essential that civic-minded young people are skilled at coming together to solve new-paradigm problems across social barriers. With this vision, we are sharing our practice of paying attention, exercising creativity, and building community.

Artistic activity stimulates a range of sensibilities, from sensory and physical awareness to intellect and emotions, thereby expanding one’s powers of perception. Engagement with art is a process of self-exploration, alteration and expression. One learns to ask questions, and through the artistic method poses creative solutions to her questions. Through a collaborative process, we develop a sense of pride and ownership in the work we create. This is extremely empowering – to be an active participant in the arc of an idea, from its inception, through its evolution and culmination.

We Players works with the inherent energies and themes of each site in which we work. Using the spectacular natural world and architecture of cultural and historical landmarks or the humble campuses of impoverished school districts, we catalyze new ways of seeing and experiencing both theatre and the world. Participating in We Players’ 2013 introductory AEP workshops, students sensed things never previously noticed in the landscape just outside their school. By inspiring curiosity to explore the delicacies and intricacies of the environment and to remember the tremendous capacity of the sensing body, our programs organically encourage stewardship of both natural and urban environments.

Student Testimonials

This group of people can take words, or literature you read off a paper, and open your eyes to vivid imagination and a new way of seeing a story. – Lara Crotwell, Abraham Lincoln High School

We Players give students an opportunity to learn how to express words through actions. It inspires creativity and leadership and gives students and teachers a unique and worthwhile experience. – Evelyn Chu, Abraham Lincoln High School

The workshop with We Players allowed me to have a new perspective of space and place, especially in my own school. I was able to be more aware of my surroundings and appreciate the little things. – Melissa Lee, Abraham Lincoln High School

The nature activities were amazing! They really helped me get out of a tight comfort zone and into a wider comfort zone. I wasn’t shy after that. – Briggeth Lopez-De Leon, San Rafael High School

The way you guys made us do the first exercise where we had to close our eyes and feel and smell our surroundings was very creative because most of us never stop and actually hear what there is around us. – Abril Almaraz, San Rafael High School